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A True Story: Interview with David True

When David True was a young New York artist in the 1970s working on industrially fabricated glass sculptures, his thoughts one evening settled on transparency, and then invisibility. He was alone, and sober (according to his account), when he decided to will himself invisible. He thought very, very hard, and then it happened. Or, at [... more ...]
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Imperfect Beauty: A Conversation with John Chiara

John Chiara is a 36-year-old artist from San Francisco who photographs with a camera the size of a speedboat that he built himself and hauls around town on a trailer to photograph the city’s hillsides and houses and underbrush. He never shoots the big, important view, and though his camera is big, it isn’t grand. [... more ...]
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Article Interview: Leslie Snoke

1. How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it before? Think of it as an interior designer’s nightmare. I am consumed with perception of good and bad taste. Take, for example, silk flowers “planted” outdoors in a garden. They bother me because I cannot decide to which season they belong. [... more ...]
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