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Daria Tavoularis: Tree of Influence

Courtesy of the artist.
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Poem and Picture

Daria Tavoularis. <em>Living Room</em>, 2007, 24 x 19 in, pen and ink on paper. Courtesy of the artist.

Daria Tavoularis. Living Room, 2007, 24 x 19 in, pen and ink on paper. Courtesy of the artist.


In the carpet
is a story, man buys camel,
camel walks, camel walks,
and several geometric proofs.

The door is alarmed!
But the window has a
vacant sign:
upstairs room,
shelf, cabinet, lock,
fair rent.

In the living room,
an armchair where
one child sits,
seriously unappealing,

to scotchtape over every line
to save every word,
to give itself more glare.
It’s lonely for

a mother who isn’t anywhere
at home. Who accounts
for the desert with a calculator
that records amounts
in and out printing a list
that goes on, on, on,

that stops, turns a corner,
greets the isosceles
where the poker rests,
shelters the floor, meets the door,
tells the child, well
one thing’s sure.

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Psychic Cherries: Into the Shadow World with Roz Leibowitz

Daria Tavoularis, my co-editor, met with serious resistance from her MFA program for focusing on the imagined and imaginative aspects of her work. One professor bragged to colleagues that if he had a pistol he would have used it at her thesis defense. I thought I was going to make my congenial reviewer at the [... more ...]
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A Case for the Veneration and Preservation of Hippie Embroidery

In the 1980s and 1990s, hippie craft faced a backlash from which it has yet to recover. The work, like the movement itself, became stigmatized as garish and stupidly cheerful, made by barefoot, doped-up mamas. One subgenre consigned to particularly harsh obscurity was hippie embroidery—images inspired by drugs, the sexual revolution, and the Age of [... more ...]
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