Daria for Plumtree, and Laura in Vegas!

Daria Tavoularis‘ album cover for Plumtree’s new Best-of CD looks like a sunrise with a black eye – which is pretty much how the band sounds. Wonderful. ALSO CHECK OUT: Laura Napier’s certainly awesome crowd intervention in Vegas: OFF THE STRIP 2010: NEW GENRES FESTIVAL, OCTOBER 14-16th, 2010 The Contemporary Arts Center presents “Off The Strip [... more ...]
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John Cage & The PedEgg

I heard something recently that I still can’t believe I heard. A lot of people are very upset about their feet, and I have proof. I was in Walgreens with my son, I think we were buying diapers. We were walking through the aisle that has all the AS SEEN ON TV stuff in it. [... more ...]
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