Tiffany Harker

“Tiffany Harker works at Crown Point Press as a gallery associate. A native of Southern California, she received her BA in Art History from San Francisco State University. She was the Development Associate at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for five years, becoming an Education Resource Specialist in 2003. Subsequently she held a position as a gallery representative at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Tiffany has been an independent curator, focusing mainly on artworks that incorporate handmade elements and historical traditions. She has studio experience with printmaking and photography.”

Fan Mail: Letter to Ulrike Palmach

Dear Ulrike Palmbach, I first saw your work in 2003 during a tour led by Stephen Wirtz in his gallery. I circled your sculpture entitled Cow several times as he spoke about your parents’ story of WWII in rural Germany and of the screaming cows. He talked about finding safety from the air raids underground [... more ...]
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