Sara Mumolo and James Gudat

“Sara Mumolo received her M.F.A. from Saint Mary’s College of California and her B.A. from University of California, Berkeley. She curates the Studio One Reading Series in Oakland, Calif., and just finished a session with Academic Studies Associates.”

Sara Mumolo on the Web

“James Gudat grew up in northern New Jersey where he attended public schools and then went on to receive his B.F.A. from the Cooper Union in N.Y. He currently resides in Portland, Ore., where he rents an old farm house and works at a small custom woodworking shop accompanied by his dog. He continues his efforts to paint, draw, fix his car and live off the land. His work is represented by the New American Art Union also located in Portland.”

James Gudat on the Web

Poem and Picture: Sara Mumolo (poem) and James Gudat (picture)

James Gudat. <em>Repairs Made to the Perfect</em>, 2004, 36 x 48 in, mixed media on panel. Courtesy of New American Art Union.

Eyes with Tweezers

Greenhouse geography births, no shoes or rooftops
these blue doves all have obvious names and role-play
their text-based affairs, their skinny-legged jeans
go where the money is ignoring gray pig-tailed
fiction saves them surrounding all mental
security populations feel giant in blue sport
coats wearing voices, the neighboring constructions
of mañana mañana mañana ruffles peak from bands
no body can be, except when at a concert jumping
up hands flailing, all animals are when at the zoo
wearing last seasons, lions reach through prisons and hug
these mirrors siesta in this manor with doves who breathe to purr

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