Roz Leibowitz

“My background is in history and literature; even my artwork is meant to be “read” in a very traditional sense. I am an avid collector of the past – old diaries, prints, found drawings, ephemera, photographs – all paper willing to be saved and passed on. I believe these are vessels of the Eternal Imagination and my work, like a cobbler’s or tinsmith’s or junkman’s, is to find these vessels, put my own small marks on them, and set them forth again into the Stream. I believe in the all-encompassing power of this Eternal Imagination, and that an artist’s job is to enter that Light gracefully, with humble offerings.”

Dream Vignette: I Dreamt I Saw my Mother at the Poultry Shop at Key Food

I dreamt I saw my mother at the poultry shop at Key Food. She was behind the counter, standing before a table, a large table covered with an immaculate white cloth. She, too, was dressed in perfect white, an apron of substantial cloth neatly ironed, a scarf to hide her black hair. Fanned out on [... more ...]
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