Richard Lang

“Richard Lang is a poet, artist and co-director of San Francisco Electric Works.”

Poetry Jukebox

This is a true story made double real by its birth in
a common sort of suffering rolling though a regular life.
Quotidian and expected.
Lest you think that this ain't true
that you may have stepped into a steaming made-up pile of surrealist goo
Or that you may be looking under a rock swarming with a re-telling of
last night's all-in-a-wink phantasm weightless and indecipherable,
This is a true story.
It's as simple as this
there was a lot of common suffering,
shit hitting the fan,
packed into fourteen months.
And then that most common urge to escape
the hot steel plate of worry
Squeezing out the juice of sleep
leaving a husk of catatonia
I found the pain of late night obsessing
could be palliated by a curious eccentricity,
with another obsession
I memorized 100 poems.


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