Orides Fontela, translated by Chris Daniels

“Orides Fontela was a Brazilian poet born in 1940. She taught philosophy and worked as a librarian, always writing. Her third book, Alba, received the Premio Jabuti, a major literary prize in Brazil. She was difficult and lonely but had nice cats. She published five books in all. Chris Daniels recommends this personal tribute by her translator, John Howard. She died in 1998 of tuberculosis and general rotten health.”

Orides Fontela on the Web

“Chris Daniels lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is working on a gigantic anthology of Lusophone poets in English translation. On the Shining Screen of the Eyelids, his translation of Brazilian poet Josely Vianna Baptista, was published by Manifest Press in 2003. Shearsman Books in the U.K. are in the process of publishing three volumes of his translations of Fernando Pessoa: The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro appeared in 2007, and The Collected Poems of Álvaro de Campos Vol. 2 is nearing completion. His long poem/manifesto porous nomadic (or, para encontrar o acontecimento impalávrel) appeared recently in a special section of Crayon 5, ‘on beauty.’”

Chris Daniels on the Web

Orides Fontela: Three Poems


To hide (to forget)
the face
to inter (to occult)
the light
to darken
love to
To watch over what is born.

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