Maiza Hixson

“Maiza Hixson was born unto idealistic, godless heathens who persuaded themselves (probably over a joint) that it would be a good idea to name their new daughter after Arawak Indian corn. “Maiza”, a.k.a. “Corna” has been wrestling with her identity as post-human, part-Mesoamerican cereal grain ever since.

As of 2005, she could be spotted rolling around in the bluegrass with a Dolly Pardon wig and sheep ears trying to explain to people that the costume had to do with her recent Masters Thesis, Curatorial Investigations of the Mutant Sublime. 2006 found the confused animal-vegetable hybrid attempting to convince the Midwest that gazing at the male nude actually improved intelligence in her all male review, Oh Boy! Curatorial Experimentation with the Nucleocentrically Inclined. As a new Curatorial Assistant, she is currently involved in structuring powerful conversations that lead to commitment to her curatorial agenda at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.”

Angie Reed at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 17 2006 – Jan. 20 2007

Empress impresario Angie Reed’s performance at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati this November found everyone from sinewy art stars to suburban soccer moms bobbing their heads to the beat of her low-fi electro-rock opera. Dressed in a gauzy space costume reminiscent of the Raelian cult, resplendent in glittery gold go-go boots and bright red [... more ...]
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