Hoa Nguyen

“Born near Saigon in 1967, Hoa Nguyen grew up in the D.C. area and studied poetry at New College in San Francisco, California. She now lives in Austin, Texas, with the poet Dale Smith; together they publish Skanky Possum, a book imprint and journal, and curate a monthly reading series. Her books include Your Ancient See Through (Sub Press, 2002), Red Juice (Effing, 2005)and Hecate Lochia (Hot Whiskey Press, 2007).”

Four Poems


We ate outside                       you could smell the ocean
and petrol            Seagulls scream
look for pieces of food or what have you

Go look for pieces the lost
body   Bury that piece                   Clams
and their rich stomachs
at Little Neck

What kind of ode is this

She moulded human images
out of wax and spices

We eat pretend desserts
normally chocolate
but sometimes pickle cake

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