Heather Passmore

“Heather Passmore lives in Vancouver where she obtained a Master of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia. Her artwork typically displays concern with its own assumption of cultural value and registers the potential for critical autonomy outside the realm of elite art. A concern with class stratification, ascribed hierarchies of cultural value and the gender dimension to these politics is manifest through her reconfiguration of quotidian, outdated and discarded media. Snapshots, linoleum, wood panelling, t-shirts, doodling, and graffiti are used to extend the notion of art as an everyday category of experience and popular practice in disalignment with consumer culture. Solo exhibitions include: Struts Gallery, Sackeville, 2007; Campbell River Art Gallery, Campbell River, 2007; Gallery 101, Ottawa, 2006; Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, 2006; The Odd Gallery, Dawson City, 2001. Group exhibitions include: Modern Fuel, Kingston, 2008; The Khyber, Halifax, 2007; Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver, 2005; Vancouver Art Gallery, 2005; Belkin Satellite, 2004.”

Second Growth

Heather Passmore. <i>Second Growth</i>, 2006, 16 x 20 in, ballpoint pen on color photograph. Courtesy of the artist.
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