Garrett Caples

“Oakland poet Garrett Caples is the author of four books, including The Garrett Caples Reader (Angle Press/Black Square Editions, 1999) and Complications (Meritage Press, 2007). Of his work, the poet Jeff Clark said: ‘Caples is a polymath. He is, in no particular order, an essayist …; with his partner Anna Naruta he’s the maker of films, documentaries, music videos; … he’s a connoisseur of hip-hop; he’s a love poet, photographer, and collage-maker. His erotica has been anthologized… He’s been and likely will remain, as long as he’s here—or there—a student of radical Oakland politics and culture.’”

Garrett Caples: Tree of Influence

Garrett Caples. <em>Tree of Influence</em>, 2008. Courtesy of the artist.
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Brian Lucas in Thailand: Black & White Works

Whenever I finish a painting I face the canvas to the window so it can look out upon and contemplate what it will never be.—Brian Lucas, May 4th, 2007 I met Brian Lucas about ten years ago when he published a poem of mine in his magazine Angle, a staples-and-Xerox affair with covers he washed [... more ...]
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