Eryne Donahue

“Eryne Donahue has been practicing astrology for eight years. She apprenticed under Margurite Day in Ottawa, Ontario, while studying art and psychology at the University of Ottawa. Eryne now resides in Vancouver with her partner and cat. She recently recieved her M.F.A. in studio art.”

Art Stars 4

It isn’t often that two giants can have a cordial meeting without competition or conflict. But I’d like to think that from February to May, the harmonizing of the largest of the gas giants, Jupiter, with his mythical grandfather, Uranus, could help forge a constructive alliance between our moral sensibilities and our capacity for innovative [... more ...]
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Art Stars 3

As the heat of the summer season winds down, we begin to turn inward as though preparing for hibernation. While the deciduous leaves commence their change of color, there will be a dramatic shift in pace in both the skies and our tiny worlds below. A theme of reflection will commence in September and carry [... more ...]
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Art Stars 2

Between March and July of 2007 the skies will be active, with a focus on Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus, and will affect all signs of the zodiac considerably. A powerful conflict between Saturn and Neptune will particularly shape the fixed signs (namely Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) by revealing something that has been neglected [... more ...]
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Art Stars 1

Between December of 2006 and March 2007, several major planetary aspects will occur. Both Saturn and Mercury will appear to move backward through the signs, causing us to reconsider limitations and thoughts, respectively. Challenging aspects will be made between Saturn and Neptune, Mars and Uranus, and Jupiter and Uranus. These difficult aspects can cause tension [... more ...]
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