Drue Langlois

“Between 1987, (when I was in grade 9) and 1995, I mostly worked on comic books but the art was usually inconsistent as I was still developing my style. Also, I had started focusing more on painting after enrolling in a Fine Arts course at the University of Manitoba (1992-1996). In early 1996, some University of Manitoba Fine Arts students and I formed a group called the “Royal Art Lodge”. I had a series of other jobs during this time period, working as a dishwasher, a Value Village cashier and a sample grinder at the Norwest Soil Laboratory. In 2000, I was becoming more successful with my solo art career. Also, the dolls that Michael Dumontier and I had been making were selling fairly well (these dolls were initially made to be sold as band merchandise at our music performances in 1997). When I left the artist collective in early 2003, I stopped making them for a while because I was trying to get away from collaboration. In 2003, I continued to have exhibits of my paintings in Germany, Italy and Canada and I illustrated Riel Langlois’s comic book miniseries, “Captain Canuck: Unholy War”. The year after that, I worked as an illustrator for Walrus magazine. Currently, I am working on comics (“Overachiever”, and small bonus sections in “Captain Canuck: Legacy”) and watercolor paintings. I have also been playing music shows with my band, Bold Saber (the other members are Raf Katigbak and Fritzi Adelman).”

Fan Mail: Letter to Sophia Knapp

Drue Langlois. <i>Letter to Sophia Knapp</i>.
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