David Gill

“David Gill is a Philip K. Dick scholar and fan who writes a blog devoted to Philip K Dick, The Total Dick-Head ( http://totaldickhead.blogspot.com). He teaches writing and literature at San Francisco State University where he regularly assigns Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. He lives in Oakland, California with his wife and daughter, 5.3 miles from Philip K. Dick’s 1964 apartment.”

The Three Stigmata of Phillip K. Dick

Philip K Dick’s very first published short story, “Beyond Lies the Wub,” introduced the world of science fiction to the Wub, a creature that takes possession of other bodies. In Dick’s 1968 story “Not By Its Cover,” contents of books that are bound in Wub-fur are transformed, becoming oddly religious. The release of a volume [... more ...]
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Lethem on P.K.D.

I spoke with Jonathan Lethem, an author with a pretty good shot at having his own edition in the Library of America someday, and the editor of Dick’s Library of America volume. Lethem has been a vocal advocate for Dick’s oeuvre (or ‘irv’ as he calls it). We talked about each of the novels in [... more ...]
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