Bobby Niven

“Bobby Niven is becoming more and more interested in situations where art is confronted with breakage. Whether broken accidentally or on purpose, at an opening or as a cause of time, breaking things always results in an altercation between the detrimental conundrums of breakage and the serendipitous possibilities of breakage. The Stainless Living triptych never seemed able to escape this confrontation. The wasp’s nest hangs on a tree in the garden of my old house in East Vancouver slowly shedding its spoons. The grenade was destroyed at an opening. The pineapple is suffering because of the follies of a bricolage approach and the lifespan of Superglue. Stained by Spoons is a sketch made for Lowsalt Gallery in Glasgow where the Stainless Living pineapple was exploded. Kaput, kaboom.”

Stainless Living (pineapple, grenade, wasp’s nest) and Stained by Spoons

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