TRANS: form | color

TRANS: form / color is a sprawling nine-person show that came out of an Internet chat habit between artists Richard Schur (Munich) Mel Prest (San Francisco) and Brent Hallard (Tokyo). Each believes in the rewards of heavy viewer participation in abstract painting.

Nancy White’s folded metal has sharp edges and a finish like lipstick put on with your fingers, maybe a little bit of Heath ceramics. John Zurier lets paint build up and erase itself in such a gentle way, I could swear it is going forward and backward in time. Stephan Fritsch makes large wall painting installations that are nothing more than intermittent patches of paint applied with a roller. This is painting where the body still matters, but not the educated fingers. The spaces left between the roller bits made me feel physically included, and the colors are picked up from the room nearby. This is a group of people who really believe abstraction can save the world. I think I might believe them.

Meridian Gallery, 535 Powell Street, San Francisco. Through Dec. 19.

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