Art Stars 4

It isn’t often that two giants can have a cordial meeting without competition or conflict. But I’d like to think that from February to May, the harmonizing of the largest of the gas giants, Jupiter, with his mythical grandfather, Uranus, could help forge a constructive alliance between our moral sensibilities and our capacity for innovative change. The relationship between the two planets (a sextile, or 60-degree separation) promises a more open path of communication, especially compared to the tension of 2007, when the major transits of Pluto and Jupiter in Sagittarius fostered an environment of religious extremism and ideological fanaticism. As this pair progresses into the pragmatic sign of Capricorn, the tensions between differing ideologies may slacken.

On an individual level, it’s time to examine our wastefulness and make room for creative change. Why not allow your intuition to guide this change? This is a great time to listen to the body’s internal language—your gut instinct—while its energy is positive and productive. Every sign will experience a time of innovative ideas and an expanded capacity for creativity at the beginning of February, when Neptune conjoins with Mercury and Jupiter conjoins with Venus. Invention and broad-mindedness will become everyone’s asset.

February will yield many connections for both Aquarius and Capricorn. Aquarians, especially those born in early February, will feel moments of ecstatic thought coupled with sheer confusion. But you should act on imaginative impulses the moment they occur. Don’t try to be linear. Use your temporary dyslexia for creative endeavors. In early March your ideas will progress into a full-blown aesthetic. By early May you’ll have the clarity to assess the work you’ve done. Keep in mind that technology can be used to your advantage at this time.

Capricorn will feel the rumblings of some major changes surfacing at the beginning of February coinciding with a conjunction between Jupiter and Venus. You’ll be responsible about your love of excess but still inclined to make large gestures and cultivate grand ideas. The following four months will be equally creative for you, but compared to Aquarians your projects will be bigger, more physical and more structured. Bear in mind that whatever you begin in the following months may have powerful and life-changing effects for years.

Creative and expansive impulses will also extend to Pisces and Scorpio, who will have to put in more effort to see any results. Both will nevertheless have positive opportunities for growth in arts and languages.
All of you Pisces will likely experience some difficult challenges in getting your innovative ideas across to others in February and May. April will be a busy month spent running around and socializing to disseminate these ideas. Expect challenges in mid-April from some aggressive or powerful people, but don’t back down.
Scorpios will face open challenges during May, and compromise will be a necessity to ensure any goals or projects are realized. Remember that competition is inherent in any project, though this doesn’t mean that you need to be bull-headed.

Speaking of bulls, the Taurus-born will receive gifts of some sort when working toward ways of making big ideas and artistic projects materialize. Your energy for physical labor will be high, and your capacity to produce objects will extend from March until the end of May. Any headaches caused by details will be minor, and the bigger picture will be more important to your success.

All Virgo natives will continue to be preoccupied with many restrictions and barriers. In late February you will be challenged by another’s strong ego. You’ll have to decide when to give up power and when to stand firm. There are many disruptive forces at play in your life, and you should use these difficulties as fuel for your work. The best time to grab these opportunities is at the beginning of February, when someone generous or some lucky event will favor you.

Imagination will be on the minds of Aries and Libra. In February they will share in inspiring relationships with unique individuals, which may open doors for the future. Each of you Aries will be spurred on by challenges from a sibling or coworker in April, and the competition will add to your need to share your insights. For the Libras out there, your relationship with a particularly social individual will seem harmonious in February but will become increasingly difficult in April. The challenges this person brings will cause strong emotional reactions that may stem from childhood. Take the time to use these memories to conjure up playful activities. Performance would be a great outlet.

It will seem as though great ideas just fell out of the sky for those of you born under Gemini. You will have a great reservoir of mental energy in February. The scattered feeling that usually plagues you will still be present, yet ideas about the great unknown may excite wonderful words in your busy mind. You should write down as many of these ideas as you can, or record your voice, since creative spurts will come again in March. These will bring with them an urge for fuller expression just as your mental energy begins to dissipate and the static in the air clears. April will be a difficult month, with challenges at work and internally. The dust will settle at the beginning of May, when you’ll have many opportunities to do as you wish.
Good news for those Sagittarius natives: You can finally take a break from all the pressure you’ve felt from various authorities—or your subconscious nag—and allow yourself some time to dream in February. And some colorful dreams you will have indeed—about arguments and inventions and maybe even the time you were punished by your father. Do I sense a screenplay? You can use this break to absorb the narrative of your life and imagine how you’d like it to replay. Those born at the end of Sagittarius will only have a few months of breathing room before they feels the pressure to transform their lifestyles and habits again in the summer months.

Challenges to the egos of Cancer and Leo will be important to their art stars in the following months.
Cancers will be pushed by another in February to consider a different viewpoint. This isn’t such a bad thing, although it may seem irritating at the time. Women and manic friends will want one thing while you want another. Your goal throughout February is to see the logic in your opposite. You won’t have to do this without resources, since you’ll have considerable assistance from experienced individuals—and maybe even a “Eureka!” moment when caught up in thought. This is a time to develop ideas, travel and meet other people. In April you should be mindful of your predilections for aggressiveness and impulsive action.
Leo will feel opposition from a different source—smooth-talking but misguided individuals. You Leos may have a disrupted slumber filled with dramatic nightmares in the month of February. You should use the dream-time as an opportunity to learn from experiences. The mind is wide and deep and nothing aids in its digestion like sleep and dreams. Throughout mid-April you will receive a lot of positive attention and will be thankful for your steadfastness and patience.

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