Four Poems


We ate outside                       you could smell the ocean

and petrol            Seagulls scream

look for pieces of food or what have you

Go look for pieces the lost

body   Bury that piece                   Clams

and their rich stomachs

at Little Neck

What kind of ode is this

She moulded human images

out of wax and spices

We eat pretend desserts

normally chocolate

but sometimes pickle cake



“It’s one huge reckless orchestra” – Eileen Myles

Squirrel scolding and grackles

Really what could the upset be

Christine’s stomach growls            “Excuse me”

Phone rings               work              must

replace the employee

you no longer want and now hates you

Face the purple flowers in the

flower-food water

Texas grown             sucking stems

Named Anemone

Hating my needing to be loved

Dear Texas                here I am

near your “heart”       and the “Value Sky Park”

Jumping spider on the kitchen counter

“I don’t know what I’m learning”

“That’s the point”



The Starbucks mermaid logo

has lost her nipples

I coffee you a bit

fiery with my purple tongue

& random sadness

Gasoline @ $65 dollars a barrel

(13 August 2005)

You can plug your phone

into the Tibetan bowl bell (on sale)

for a more pleasing tone

We put the poopy blocks

outside        and then it rained



Strangely touched that Vili and Mary Kay tied the knot

8 AM rain        now hot hot              Memorial Day

And last night’s dream with drowning

kittens in the bloody toilet bowl

more moon-mess in the tub

& I laugh even when my father stops

and says, “hi”

10 AM whacked the wool bed pad

on the line with a long rod and smote

dust mites

Also carried wash and 2 kids

in a plastic basket

The phone rings

“It’s me” “I love you”

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