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Between December of 2006 and March 2007, several major planetary aspects will occur. Both Saturn and Mercury will appear to move backward through the signs, causing us to reconsider limitations and thoughts, respectively. Challenging aspects will be made between Saturn and Neptune, Mars and Uranus, and Jupiter and Uranus. These difficult aspects can cause tension that results in disruption or encourages us toward personal growth. Mars and Jupiter combine in Sagittarius and channel their energies of expansion and assertion into the same sphere of life. Saturn makes a harmonious angle with Jupiter and the seemingly disparate energies of restriction and growth come to terms with one another. Those most strongly affected by these major aspects will be of Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), while the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will feel less pressure to act from these various celestial effects.


Many people will recall from high school physics or summer road trips that when two cars are driving on a highway and the faster of the two overtakes the other, the slower car appears to move backward. Similar to this scenario, once a year in its 29-and-a-half year cycle, an optical illusion causes residents of Earth to observe Saturn’s orbit move backward on its trajectory and thus, retrace its steps through the zodiac. On December 6th, Saturn, the bearer of limitations and the reminder of our mortality and responsibilities, goes Retrograde in Leo and revisits events, thoughts and feelings we have had from early September and into late November. This movement will strongly affect those with the Sun in Leo, which will directly challenge their sense of ego identity. They should take this retrograde period as an opportunity to spend more time on a personal investigation into boundaries that they have set up in the areas of their lives where they express themselves, and their responsibilities in the realm of love and creativity. This reassessment will be experienced as a difficult challenge for those who have the Sun in Taurus, Scorpio and with slightly more emphasis, Aquarius. People with these Sun signs must again work through an idea or value that they may have forgotten or thought was finished if they are to achieve a sense of completeness and satisfaction. Others with their Sun in Aries, Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius will have an easier time making this re-examination as part of the self-critical creative process, and it should be a more positive experience that is met with success.

Mars makes many important aspects to the other planetary giants over the upcoming three months, the first of which occurs when it conjoins with Jupiter in Sagittarius on December 11th. The effect of this will be an intense and active combined force of expansion and physical drive channelled into fields of knowledge, scholarship, geopolitical, religious and philosophical fields. This will particularly stimulate those with Gemini, Pisces and Virgo Sun signs to speak and act for their values and beliefs. Others with Aries, Libra, Leo and Aquarius will experience an ease of expression where ideas in film and study will come without effort. Those with their Sun in Sagittarius will have an increased amount of physical energy at this time, and this should be used to its fullest. While religious or ideological warfare is easily committed under this combined force, each Sun sign could equally use her feelings of exuberance for intense physical and philosophical experiences through study and travel.

The restless physical energy that combines with philosophical and ideological zeal in the aspect between Mars and Jupiter this month is shadowed in Mars’ tense angle with Uranus on the Winter Solstice. During the few days before and after December 21st, this planetary aspect will encourage an impulsive desire for complete freedom to act without hesitation or restraint, expressed more forcefully by those with Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo Sun signs. The aspect could be a siren call from the potential of the unknown, and could lead to reckless leaps into the territory of the unconscious. It could also be an opportunity for intense activity in the realm of the philosophical, poetic and spiritual, most easily tapped into by Pisces Sun signs.

During the week of January 22nd, an irregular flow of energies creates tension between dreams and philosophies when Jupiter in Sagittarius makes a square (90-degree angle) to Uranus in Pisces. This pressure can be harnessed for innovative creation in music for Pisces, film for Sagittarius and creative writing for Geminis and Virgos, where spontaneous and even unpredictable work could be invented. However, it is likely that they will make decisions on a whim, and quarrelling ideas over ideological concerns will continue with this planetary influence when there is no cohesive belief structure that can be used as a centre.

Mercury goes Retrograde in Pisces on February 14 until March 7, having the effect of making us reconsider our thoughts and interactions from the end of the previous month. Like ghosts come back to haunt us or x-ray vision, ideas from either outer sources, such as interpersonal confrontation, or subconscious sources, must be reconsidered in a new light. This will come with more ease for those with their Sun in Pisces, Cancer and in Capricorn, who will naturally have more patience at this time. However, thoughts might be muddled for Virgos, Geminis and Sagittariuses. It will be important for all signs to collect information and for revision of their ideas, dreams and communication with the ‘public’.

Saturn continues to activate various areas of our life through its aspects to other giants into late February, when, on the 28th it makes an opposition to Neptune. Our very ideals will come into question and we may be faced with the harsh reality of what we have been told is the ‘real world’. Our dreams of doing something different, of freedom, will come up against the restrictions of authorities and old art stars. Those whose Sun is in one of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) will again meet a strong challenge in their creative pursuits which will either strengthen their work or weaken their confidence with strain, depending on the flexibility of each individual’s attitude.

A positive shift in the tense dynamics of freedom and restriction, limitations and expansion happens on March 16th when Jupiter makes a Trine (120-degree angle) to Saturn. At this time, the tense struggle and plans made over the past few months will pay off and work can be made with ease, particularly for Geminis, Sagittariuses, Leos and Aquariuses. Respected members of the art and academic realm will receive their ideas and performances with open ears and minds.

When taken together, the movement of these heavenly bodies will encourage all of us to challenge outmoded authority figures in our respective fields, to rethink boundaries and beliefs, to test our limits and expand creatively through activity. It will be a time to reassess our selves and our desires, also to plan for change on a personal and political level. By mid-March, plans that have been carefully considered will result in positive feedback in artistic and academic realms.

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